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    Our Founder

    Josh Bois founded GCN to help investors and entrepreneurs connect faster allowing innovation to accelerate for brands marketing across the world. 

    As a  .com entrepreneur of over 17 years... I've had a great journey building businesses and taking on clients ranging from Fortune 500 brands, to celebrities, high profile investors, innovative startups and tons of not-for-profits.


    Lately my focus has been in the impact investment  space which allows me to help change the world in a sustainable way by helping investors and entrepreneurs bring their brands to market fast and impact billions!


    Resources and expert help for brands and startups of all stages throughout their investor fundraising campaign to ensure your setup best for your raise


    Expert research to find the perfect investors for your deal based on past investment history, deal size, location, demographic, partnership opportunities, and who would be the best strategic investor. Learn More


    Help pricing your business for capital raising and attracting the right investor. Learn More


    Assistance explaining your venture through content and visuals along with strategic business document creation with our strategy team. Use internally and for interested investors. Learn More


    Guiding entrepreneurs throughout all stages of their opportunities capital raise to engage investors right and close deals. Learn More


    Packaging your deal and helping you deliver it to investors around the world through multi-channel advertising with strategic targeting + expert advisors


    Specially targeted ads to attract investors to learn more about your deal or invest online through crowdfunding platforms. Learn More


    Outbound calling to accredited investors across the country or in other global destinations to pitch your deal. Learn More


    Reach investors across search engines, websites, social media platforms and more with our dedicated investor advertising solutions. Target, Deliver, Close. Learn More


    Drive traffic and ignite viral opportunities through our influencer outreach services. Target industry leaders and have your messaging delivered to their inboxes and get their attention on their feed to establish collaboration opportunities for new content creation and audience sharing.  Learn More


    Connecting you directly to private and institutional capital sources for 1 on 1 meetings, live presentations, and helping you fundraise in US or abroad


    Building your relationships with qualified and targeted accredited private and institutional investors in your target region. When investors turn to us for deal flow access we can share deals that we are passionate about helping. Let’s see if your brand is a great fit for raising capital today Learn More


    Present live at our Global Capital Network investor pitch events to investors of all types ranging from Angel Investors to Family Offices, Venture Capital firms, Private Equity holdings companies, and more. Learn More

    Engage investors with a corporate story video or an explainer video to quickly communicate what you do, why you’re the next unicorn, the impact you can make and what you’re looking for to grow. Learn More

    Public relations help to get PR out about your brand on major websites like Forbes and Entrepreneur to help get your story out to the masses and to journalists al over. Learn More

    EMP Video Production Video Editing Video Marketing Services for Investors and Entrepreneurs

    GCN HOSTED INVESTOR EVENTS & live deal flow

    Live Investor Pitch Events

    Present to angel investors, family offices, venture capital, PE, & more

    Entrepreneur Interviews

    Video content created to showcase your story for investors to click play

    Investor Targeting

    Bringing your deals to investors across multiple distribution zones


    Deal Packaging Services

    Professionally designed materials for you to pitch investors via online, live & print

    Pitch Deck Design & Content Writing

    Video content created to showcase your story for investors to click play

    Pro Charting & Forecasting

    Bringing your deals to investors across multiple distribution zones

    Expert Team With Fast Turn Around Time

    Get the materials you need ASAP for that big upcoming investor meeting!

    EMP Video Production Video Editing Video Marketing Services for Investors and Entrepreneurs
    EMP Video Production Video Editing Video Marketing Services for Investors and Entrepreneurs


    Deal Pitch Strategy & Consulting

    Best-practices and active help from top capital raisers & IR team

    Follow Up Through Due Dilligence

    Present to angel investors, family offices, venture capital, PE, & more

    Dedicated Go-To Expert on Call

    Get advice and clarification about investor questions & info requests

    INVESTOR INTRODUCTIONS  + 1 on 1 meetings

    Investor Introductions

    Extending our relationships to your deal with warm targeted intros

    Timely Investor Follow Up & Conference Reminders

    Strategic help and deal nurturing to keep your capital on time

    On-going Assistance Throughout Investor Relationship

    Bringing your deals to investors across multiple distribution zones

    EMP Video Production Video Editing Video Marketing Services for Investors and Entrepreneurs
    Emerging Media Partners Investor Marketing & Branding for Startups Worldwide



    Sit Down Meetings, Calls, Events with Investors setup for your brand. We make introductions to relevant investors and also take out the hard-work for you by pre-pitching private and institutional investors to find one’s interested in your deal before you even pick up the phone or set a time to sit down with them in person to go over your deal.

    Strategic Targeting & Sourcing of investors within our network whether they have come to our large 200+ investor events or registered with us for access to hot startup investment opportunities in USA and globally.

    Custom Scripted Investor Messaging designed by our team to ensure the best highlights about your team are showcased to the investor from the first interaction and throughout the new relationship’s multi-stages.

    Follow Up & Entire Interaction Support to help you not only meet investors but continue conversations and discussions about your brand throughout the process leading up to a decision or more follow-up.

    Expedited & Accelerated Investor Services for enhanced results with a more aggressive timeline. Various packages based on how soon you need to raise capital and begin sit-downs with new capital sources.


    On Stage Pitch Presentation ranging from simple 3 minute elevator pitches to featured hour long presentors, or even dedicated events for  a single brand for startup’s with a more aggressive investment timeline.

    Pitching Booths & Marketing Exposure at our events for our startup presentors. Your logo will appear on the agenda in front of all investors at the event in addition to all the investors receiving e-mails, direct mail, and being targeted with online ads to encourage their attendance.


    Deal Focused Investor Research to identify key investors in a market and strategize the best methods for outreach and existing relationships with those close to accelerate a warm introduction and meeting

    Key Partners, Board & Executive Suite optimization and recommendations to bring in strategic parties to your Board of Directors, C-Suite, and ecosystem supporting long-term growth

    Global Investor Relations Strategy and support for targeting special groups of investors across multiple continents, cultures, political climates and more.

    Pitch Coaching & C-Suite Fundraising 101 to get your founding or managing team up to speed on terminology, typical questions, and to formulate answers to tough questions you’ll get asked from investors throughout the process; so you are prepared ahead of time.


    Pitch Deck Design to ensure your deal is packaged perfectly before bringing it to investors. Optimized for online, print, and live presenting with multiple formats ready to go for any way you need to pitch 24/7.

    Investor Relations Website Tools to feature your deck online.

    Investor Profile Retargeting Ads to keep an investor coming back to your deal and content until some form of conversion has occured

    Investor Direct Mail Outreach Campaigns to target investors at their offices with information about your deal or an invitation to a private pitch event where they can learn more and bring their co-investors.

    Emerging Media Partners Investor Marketing & Branding for Startups Worldwide

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    • Energy
    • Real Estate
    • Impact
    • BioTech
    • Alternative
    • Manufacturing
    • Consumer Products
    • Technology & Enterprise
    • Fintech & Global Finance
    • Debt & Lending Firms
    • Funds & Portfolios
    • Food & Beverage
    • Hospitality
    • Entertainment
    • Aviation & Space
    • Infrastructure
    • Government
    • Other
    • Joint Ventures
    • Commodities
    • Oil & Refining

    Don't see your industry directly listed? We work across many more, reach out to discuss

    Emerging Media Partners Investor Marketing & Branding for Startups Worldwide




    Talk to Entrepreneurs

    Easily communicate to founders with your questions about their deal

    Free for Accredited Investors

    Get access to VIP and Accredited only deals, + investor event access

    Global Investor Network

    Connect with capital of all types for major regions & emerging markets

    Filter & Sort Results

    Drill down to find deals matching your specific requirements

    Explore Featured Impact Deals

    We prioritize sustainable investment opportunities that change the world

    Share Decks With Your Team

    Like a deal? Easily get the materials, deck & video over to all your partners

    View Deal's Financial Data

    Analyze proformas and audited reports brand’s upload onsite

    Deal Scouting Services

    Have our team hunt down and identify deals that match you

    Request Hard Copy via Mail

    VIP & Elite investors receive docs in the mail for easy physical review

    We’ve got you covered.


    Uniquely crafted solutions by industry leaders in the Investor Relations vertical to attract the right money into your venture and stand out from the competition. Full service solutions from pitch decks to investor pitches


    Smart entrepreneurs need intelligent marketing. We utilize multi-channel strategies ranging from search to ppc, social, direct mail and more to get your numbers high for the best investor valuation possible

    Get introduced to new investors outside of your network to secure additional operating capital or growth reserves for your brand.

    Angel Investors   |   Family Offices   |   Venture Capital   |   Private Equity Firms

    High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWI)   |   Hedge Funds   |   Billionaires   |   Accelerators   |   Alternative 


    Professionally designed deck to match your brand and engage investors as they share the doc with their advisors. 

    Layout design, content writing, chart & graph programming, multiple versions for different investors, and more. Showcase your story, team, services, competitive advantage and why you deserve the amount your raising for. Impress investors the first time and give them something they are proud to discuss further with other parties to your deal and help create a pipeline for new capital to enter your brand with everything explained well in the deck. 



    Dedicated capital raising expertise at your team’s fingertips a call away to help understand the fundraising process and get through it successfully.

    Are investors asking you questions about your business, valuation, convertible notes or topics you aren’t sure about? Call our experts to engage an Investor Relations expert to help you through your raise. Ensure that the tough questions are being asked ahead of time so that we can come up with the right answer and present it properly to maintain investor confidence and excitement about your deal. The process starts early and it is best to perfect the packaging, the pitch, and custom tailor pitches based on the investor type, background, and other factors.

    Our team is here and available to assist you to showcase your brand in the best light possible so you can get the resources you need to grow, scale, and hopefully make a global impact. 



    Enabling startups and brands around the world to get their investment opportunity seen by investors everywhere through our digital investor marketing offerings.

    From targeted advertisements to direct outreach over e-mails, calls, social media messages, direct mail, live events, and other means. We make sure your targeted investors are seeing you across multiple advertising channels so they don’t miss out on getting in early. Relations take time to build and we’re with you every step of the way to help support your building the right ones, long term.


    Our IR website system will provide your investors with a custom area to access investor documents, review a feed of your latest corporate updates and more. Let them easily access your videos (we can help create those too!). Stand out from your competition by showing your organization and dedication to transparency. We remove the human bottleneck of sending over docs as their requested by allowing you to give your investors a private login to access all the investment docs about you they need.

    Accredited Investor Certification forms enable you to collect verification data from interested investors for manual approval if desired or required. Our partner platform also has a tool for checking individual or institutional accredidation documents for another layer of verification.  to help 

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