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    GCN Investor Conference at Newport Beach Marriott
    Global Capital Network Investor Conference at Newport Beach Marriott
    June 27, 2024 | 10:00 am – 9:00 pm PST



    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of investors can you connect me to?

    Our global investor network consists of investors of all types with a considerable percentage among the following types:

    Angel Investors | Family Offices | Venture Capital

    Private Equity | High Networth Individuals | Funds

    Impact Funds | Accelerators | Incubators | Alternative

    Any industry you won't raise capital for?

    While we are open to emerging markets and alterantive investments we do decline deals and startups that don’t fit with our strong moral and ethical policies and culture here at GCN. Industries or brands we are not interested in include ones that can do harm, violate laws, or just don’t seem right to us.  

    How long does it take to get an investor?

    This can vary upon a lot of factors ranging from type of business and location to current stage, major marketing partnerships, key personnel or founders and other details. While some startups are able to secure a check from some angels quickly, other more institutional investors such as Venture Capital or PE can have much longer due-dilligence stages prior to investing. It can take time to find the right investor or investment firm for your deal and involve a multitude of strategies from live investor presentations and investor roadshows domestically or internationally to key 1 on 1 private meetings, financial press, targeted investor outreach and more. 

    Many startups with a great story, investment opportunity, team and product often time see investments from investors within 2-6 months when they are early stage and growing; with great progress and a rising valuation many companies are able to secure investment much quicker. Variables such as market timing, economic and political environments, branding of your venture and more can all play a role in determining the length of your raise. Ultimately it comes down to the founding team’s ability to close an investor when the right one has been introduced to them.

    Any discounts for social impact investments or non-profits?

    For certain brands that we feel are already making a large impact across the world or in there current market we often will offer some incentives on our subscription services when paired with our other deal packaging, consulting or investor marketing services.

    Can you help on a debt deal or only equity?

    We can help introduce you to both equity investors and/or debt lenders whether private or instituional based on your preferences and goals

    Do I need certain documents to raise capital?

    Many deals utilize similar types of agreements but are customized to the investment opportunity. For example many brands raise via convertible note agreements or subscription docs, private placement memorandums (PPM)s, crowdfunding regulations, public stock sale on major markets or OTC, but there are plenty more methods and documents that can be used. 

    To discuss what type of documents would work best for your raise; reach out to our dedicated Investor Relations (IR) team today.

    Can you help raise capital for an international deal?

    As we have an international community of investors across all major continents we can make a match to an investor that is interested in your region or is located there. Every deal has to be vetted by our investor relations department prior to taking it to investors. Some deals may not make sense depending on the business model, target market size, pitch materials, current revenue or forecasts or other factors. Feel free to reach out to us with more information about your offering to discuss it further and see if it’s a good fit to be connected to investors around the world.

    How do you get paid, can you take commission?

    We provide a suite of services and solutions for investors and entrepreneurs around the world. Various offerings have different pricing ranging from one-time only fees for services such as pitch deck design to subscription fees for our advisory team to help make investor introductions and put you in front of capital. As we are not a broker dealer, we are not able to accept “finders-fees” or “commissions” on equity based deals per US securities law and regulations. 

    How big of an investment can I go after?

    Because we deal with all types of investors including larger institutional family offices, venture capital firms, high-net-worth-individuals and even billionaires the range is quite large. 

    Remember that the more money you want from an investor the more you will need to be able to show value for to match that. For example if you’re seeking $25M but are pre-revenue you will likely need a very strong argument and business docs to back up that valuation. Has your CEO done this three times and sold at a high multiple before? Do you have world-class protected patents or real estate collateral to show the investor some skin in the game? 

    We are here to guide you through the process from raise amount strategy and valuation to actually discussing the deal with a targeted investor that wants to dive into the details with you


    Can I meet with investors in person 1 on 1?

    Yes of course! We setup investor and entrepreneur meetings all the time whether as individual 1 on 1’s or sometimes the investor will bring a group of other investors to also here out a great startup and decide together if they all want to go in and/or syndicate the deal through a larger capital network they may be engaged with.