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    GCN Investor Conference at Newport Beach Hyatt
    Global Capital Network Investor Conference at Newport Beach Hyatt
    March 21, 2024 | 11:00 am PST

    March 21

    Investor Expo

    General Admission & VIP Tickets Available
    Ticket pricing subject to increase at any time.

    Thursday, March 21 | Newport Beach | 500+ attendees

    11AM - 9PM | Investor & Founder Conference


    150+ Investors & 500+ Attendees

    Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Family Offices, Private Equity Firms, Investment Banks, Funds & Funds of Funds, Private Investors, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI), Investor Network Heads, Impact Investors & more

    1107 Jamboree

    Newport Beach, CA 92660 

    March 21, 2024
    11:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. PST
    The Hyatt Regency
    Newport Beach

    Seeking 50 Active Accredited Investor Judges for rating Investment Presentations
    during ​1-day Investor Conference March 21, 2024!
    ​Will receive Complimentary All Access VIP Ticket (Value $225)!

    Explore some of featured Investor Judges ->


    Only conference that covers all the aspects across worldwide impact - investment, financing, development, technology & management of all major investment verticals and company stages.

    Why attend?

    What are the key drivers of demand for impact in 2023?
    Where are economic and technology fundamentals heading? How are inflation and interest rates impacting the capital markets around the world?
    What are the trends, risks, strategies and opportunities in the current investment market for the founders and investors across industries?
    Discover answers to these compelling questions and gain deeper insights into the future of globe's main investment sectors.

    What you'll learn.

    The Conference will provide expert knowledge into multiple asset classes from the perspective of investors, founders, and thought leaders. The agenda put together with the help of the advisory council will cover compelling topics like:
    • Keynote discussion on investment: How do we drive impact?
    • Financing in todays market: Development, purposing, capital needs, compliance and debt financing, what’s in store for 2023?
    • Investor Spotlight: How do you grow your bottom line over the next twelve months?

    Who you'll meet.

    Connect with 400+ investors, founders, brokers, network execs, financial service providers, and other C-suite executives from all over the world.
    The Global Capital Network Investment Conference brings together the entire private and institutional investment community. Networking opportunities include refreshment breaks, luncheon, and reception at the end of the event.
    All attendees have access to investors of all backgrounds from angel investors to venture capital, family offices, private equity, high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and hedge funds. 

    Need live broadcasting?

    Simultaneous webinar streaming will be provided through ZOOM - access is provided to our global investor audience where over 100+ capital sources will watch remotely that cannot be in attendance at our physical events. 
    Interested organizations and individuals are able to view presentations live or listen to the audio or read real-time caption translations. Attendees that require interpretation will need to carry their personal mobile phones/tablets and headphones.
    Please note: No need to download anything or share any personal information.


    full event access – group ticket discounts

    Presale Ticket: $99 General Admission


    private & institutional access

    Featured Live Pitch/Presentations: $4,200 

    – 15 minute investor pitch on with investor Q&A session + listed on agenda & event info

    – Key introductions to targeted investors

    – Includes pitch booth to feature materials, answer investor questions with included access for 4 executives or staff members

    – Video Interview at event with key staff & GCN Team edited & shared to global investor audience

    Pitch Booths: $2,500 (access for 3 staff)


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    Angel Investors & Angel Networks

    From the heads of various angel networks to the angels that make them up across the world

    Institutional Investment Firms

    Deals from the millions into the hundreds of millions and billions, realty to biotech & more

    Single &Multi Family Offices

    Enabling SFO and MFO's to access deal flow from impact to real estate, tech, bio & more

    Private Equity (PE) Firms & Divisions

    Deals that match your EBITDA requirements, equity cap table adjustment room & more 

    Investor Syndication Groups

    Find opportunities perfect for sharing between larger investor groups across industries & geos

    Seed & Early Stage Investors

    Young startups and pre-revenue companies looking for bridges, strategy & resources

    Impact Investors & Philanthropists

    Help us change the world by looking at great sustainable ventures looking for funding

    Foreign Investors & Investment Agents

    Explore deals within other countries and strategic regions of interest to you globally

    Crowdfunding Investors & Networks

    Investment opportunities going after public or private CF raises from all verticals of interest

    Venture Capital (VC) Investors

    Fast growing brands with impressive IP to deploy your investors capital to & manage

    Public Exchange & OTC Investors

    Alerts when public deals arise including pre-IPO offers and reverse mergers coming to market

    Government Investment Branches

    Offer an ecosystem for GOV entrepreneurial branches to place capital & promote talent

    Funds & Fund of Funds (FOF)

    Diversify your portfolio with brands of various sizes across different verticals to match need

    High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

    Access to services and deal flow suited to your investment appetite and preferences

    Strategic Investors & Board Members

    Find brands that match your background and resource pool perfect for deeper involvement


    Advisory & Capital