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    GCN Investor Conference at Newport Beach Hyatt
    Global Capital Network Investor Conference at Newport Beach Hyatt
    Oct 5, 2023 | 11:00 am PST

    Press Wall Interview


    Press Wall Interview

    Interview Professionally Filmed & Edited:

    • Up to 5 minutes long
    • Edited with your logo at the beginning and end
    • Title at the beginning with your chosen title/role, and company name
    • Include up to 2 of your investors, team, advisors or associates in the video
    • Additional upgrades available to have submitted to GCN team for review to place the interview on GCN’s Youtube Channel with over 3K subscribers around the world
    • Video will be sound & color optimized
    • Delivered in HD or 4K quality
    • Turn around time 3-4 weeks