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    GCN Investor Conference at Newport Beach Marriott
    Global Capital Network Investor Conference at Newport Beach Marriott
    June 27, 2024 | 10:00 am – 9:00 pm PST
    Emerging Media Partners Investor Marketing & Branding for Startups Worldwide

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    • Energy
    • Real Estate
    • Impact
    • BioTech
    • Alternative
    • Manufacturing
    • Consumer Products
    • Technology & Enterprise
    • Fintech & Global Finance
    • Debt & Lending Firms
    • Funds & Portfolios
    • Food & Beverage
    • Hospitality
    • Entertainment
    • Aviation & Space
    • Infrastructure
    • Government
    • Other
    • Joint Ventures
    • Commodities
    • Oil & Refining

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the top areas of investor interest?

    Every individual and institutional investor has their own factors and elements they look for in any deal. However, we do see a lot of activity in the tech, impact, real estate, consumer products, entertainment, fintech, medical, energy and infrastructure among others.

    Can you help a foreign niche industry?

    It is tough to say without hearing a bit more about which particular market segment you’re targeting and focused on. However we do have a wide network of investors that have expertise and portfolio interests across a wide array of verticals. Send us some info on your deal to discuss.

    Are there industries you do not work in?

    Yes, although we try to bring the world’s investors and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and special expertise  types, we do not entertain working with companies in unlawful industries or that we have reason to believe are not working ethically as a brand

    We're creating a new industry, interested?

    Innovating and creating new markets is always exciting. Reach out to our team to discuss what you are doing, share the story and see if it’s a good fit. With investors of all types from around the world; there is usually somebody who will have a similar interest with you.


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